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 by Bill Wine

I have a  Victorian home that I would not trade for a new home with all the bells & whistles.  I just need some advise concerning central heat & air.  There is only a small cellar space, and that does not reach under the entire house.  What do you suggest?

On most old houses, I install two HVAC units. One in the crawl space/cellar and one within the attic. The cellar unit can supply air through the ducts up through the first floor surface. The attic unit can supply air downward through the second floor ceiling. Now, as far as what type of ducts to use, etc.... What I generally recommend is using a high-velocity system that uses small ducts that take up little space. This allows for an easy retrofitting of the system into some of the typical hard-to-get-into spaces you will commonly find in old houses. One brand of system that is quite popular is Unico. 

You should have your choice of a heat medium, such as gas, propane, oil or combine these with a geo-thermal system that extracts the constant temperature from the ground as a supplement to your system. The registers for the Unico system are quite small and are easy to tuck away in a corner, a lot easier to deal with that conventional heat registers that take up a great deal of space! If you have an existing heating system, and simply need to add AC, the Unico system works well with this also. If this is the case, you should seriously consider adding a geo-thermal side to this system.

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