Historic Properties, Inc., is unlike any other real estate firm. Our buyers and sellers are kindred spirits because we all share the goals of preservation. Matching the right people to the property that's just for them takes a lot more time and research, but is infinitely more rewarding. 

"This is more than just a career for us; it is our passion"

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Licensed in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina

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Opportunity -

Historic Properties offers agents an opportunity to enjoy both the general real estate market - all kinds of properties and homes - as well as the niche of historic dwellings. Some agents are drawn to us because they only want to deal in the older homes. Others enjoy the mix. Those who want to concentrate on new homes and construction can do so through our division - Fine Homes and Land. And don't forget that there were (are) old businesses too - downtown Winchester is full of them. We deal in commercial properties as well.

The niche of Historic Properties is not restrictive - it is complimentary. The success of our website draws buyers and seller to us for very specific reasons. We love getting those calls. We also understand that most real estate is still listed through the direct interaction of people - your neighbor, friend, fellow church member, business associate.
You can pick what you want to do.

Quality -

Historic Properties is committed to agents who want to accomplish more in their life than just "doing a job." We seek people who have a passion for what they do - both for themselves and for their customers. It is the client or customer who is selling or buying a home or property. We are selling services - our services as professionals. The house may be old, run down, or spic' n' span new��. But the service will remain Top Quality.

Quantity is essential. Quality is more important: Quality of service to the customer; quality of life for the agent. If you don't enjoy it, your customer probably won't either.


As mentioned before - our agents are our assets. Because we are a "small" firm, you do not get lost in the shuffle. Our agents are hand-picked.

There are no hidden fees or transaction costs. You pick up your share of E&O insurance, advertising, and personal mailings. Our commissions are straightforward.

We do not warehouse people. All of our agents have access to and use of the office computers and equipment because of the fast DSL lines, but most are set up to work both at home or here. If you are a seasoned agent, you know where the time best spent is��.

We have what it takes to help you be good at what you do - are you ready to help yourself?



(540)  955-1055 * Email