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Our Concept of Old and Historic
Historic Properties of VA is a Frederick County, Virginia real estate firm dedicated to presenting and preserving older homes and properties. As noted in our Mission statement below, we mainly deal with properties that are older – with the general concept of what is labeled “historic”. It mimics the same factor as old vehicles – a moving target of those items that are 50 or more years old. As you see – that house built in 1956 in a Levitz subdivision may be considered “historic” – strange as that may seem.
Our label usually looks to those properties built before 1940 as the styles and look tend to register in the public mind as “something out of the past”. We reach back to the 1700s log structures that are still standing and being lived in today.
The Concept of Recycling
Recycling concepts have taken on considerable weight in the recent years. The general idea for recycling has been directed toward consumables: paper, plastic, metal and glass. The efforts have been so successful in terms of quantity that around the U.S numerous areas have been forced to restrict the intake of these materials. The items overload the recycling centers and the demand for the recycled products has been reduced to the point that agencies cannot resell the raw product and have to pay to have it hauled away. AND it may still end up in landfills instead of being recycled.

We see a bright side when it comes to older real estate properties: Old houses or buildings end up recycled through renovations. They provide housing without using up agricultural or native land, they provide jobs, the demand is there, older materials are sought out for reuse, and ... they “look neat”!

Why use Historic Properties
We are one of the few real estate companies specializing in the marketing and sale of old and historic properties. We have personal commitments to protecting and extending the provenance of older structures and properties. We appreciate the quality of materials and craftsmanship that went into them. These homes tend to reflect a more tranquil time.
We reach out to community-minded people who believe in investing in properties that preserve tradition, while creating a positive, economic impact for the future. The decision to buy an old property is not usually a whim. There is a draw to the character of the place; a desire to share in what was there those many years ago. We research for the buyer through books and deeds of record to the illuminate the charisma and personality of the property.
More Reasons to use us...
The family is packed with knowledge. A loan underwriter, an appraiser, a mortgage lender and a loan processor. Family get-togethers are like a symposium!
Q & A about Old Properties
We use a Q & A format with one of our restoration friends – Bill Wine – Historic Restorations, LLC. Check that out some of the results under FAQs.
Historic Tax Credits
See our links under FAQs and some detail regarding the aspects of these tax benefits available to renovators – if they are kept alive in the IRS Code.

Our mission

Historic Properties of VA Inc. is a Frederick County, Virginia real estate firm dedicated to presenting and preserving historic homes and properties. Our offerings span the centuries – from 1950 back to the 1700’s – from City streets to rural Farmhouses made of stone, or brick, or log and wood. Serving your Real Estate needs – Past and Present.
We love the charming older homes and are passionate about preserving them for future generations. We appreciate the quality of materials and craftsmanship that went into these properties. These homes reflect a more tranquil time and provide a direct connection to our past. Preserving the past and our heritage is essential.

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